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TraderCast is a revolutionary platform for traders to share and seek profits. We are excited about opportunities in financial markets and we understand risk. So don't trade alone share your excitement, contribute your ideas and receive actionable feedback.

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Timely, private trading broadcasts provides expert insight, enabling you to manage risk and increase profits aggressively whatever the market conditions. Broadcasts are educational for beginners but are essential and actionable for the active trading community. Improve your trading performance by understanding what other traders are doing.

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TraderCast brings together a vibrant community with diverse trading and investing styles. Our views and opinions on a broad range of financial instruments are accessible instantly to all community members. Chat, comment and receive instant feedback on shared trading ideas and market moves.

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Real-time market data, economic releases, social media and peer-commentary are integrated in a unique trading resource. Analyse charts and financial instruments with a variety of annotations, technical indicators and studies across multiple timeframes.